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Fabulous Fun and Superb Safety for Your Little One!

Watching your little one grow and reach milestones is an exciting time. Seeing him or her learn to sit up is enjoyable; however, at times it may also be problematic.

That’s when The Tuffet™ becomes essential. The large round floor cushion filled with foam beads protects children from injuries and offers a safe way to practice sitting. The Tuffet™ is large enough so when they do stumble, they’ll be protected—yet it’s portable and innovative enough to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Although that is why The Tuffet™ was originally created we have learned from moms and children that it has many other uses for toddlers and older children to hang out and play or read a book and relax.

It comes with two handles so it can fold up or be transported throughout the house. The cushion also features two pockets on the top to store things like wipes, diapers and toys. Tuffets come in two sizes—30 and 36 inches in diameter, and are 5 inches thick. The cushions feature an array of washable fabric coverings to choose from for a personalized look. They are the perfect size to store easily under a bed or in a closet, too!

The Tuffet™ has been age tested for safety and is for children ages one and older.

Explore The Tuffet™ and see everything it has to offer!

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tuffet,children's products,childs tuffet,Innovative Children's Products,in home baby seat,cushion

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